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I HATE THIS THING. by LizzyBee2003 I HATE THIS THING. :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 3 2 .:Cut the Crap!:. by LizzyBee2003 .:Cut the Crap!:. :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 8 15 Erzebet by LizzyBee2003
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Erzebet :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 6 5
About this Fake Artist bullshit.
I know I don't post much on DA, nor am I very active, but this does not make me a "fake deviant" or a "fake friend". I don't have much art I'm proud of,  and sometimes I don't draw much for months or even years at a time, but this is just wrong. I write MUSIC! You can't upload music to deviantart!! I'm also working on concept art for a video game and I try to keep that a secret except among close friends on discord. This is wrong and really pisses me off and honestly, I'm a little hurt. "Fake artist"??
Edit: I am talking about
:iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 1 8
Spectacle by LizzyBee2003 Spectacle :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 8 4 Barbaric by LizzyBee2003 Barbaric :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 3 0
“There! There, I see them!” called Caoimhe. Jack ducked his head out of their playhouse- a cave in the rocks on the side of the hill on Sullivan’s Island where they lived formed a little outdoor room dubbed the “Cúpla-Cuilidh” . Here, their father and mother had set up some bookshelves, a height chart, and some art supplies and left the two to their devices. But that had been five years ago, and the little place was an array of paintings and tourist signings and sea shells and salt and dirty clothes and the like.
Caoimhe, however, was up on a boulder hiding the Cúpla-Cuilidh from view with a telescope.
“Where are they?” Jack peered over the rock. “There,” pointed his sister. And sure enough, into the harbor crashed the colossal ship.
The lighthouse bellowed merrily as Caoimhe and Jack snuck behind yet another rock, scoping out the other children. Out came one, two families. Two, four children- two waved at the twins- Four,
:iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 7 10
Wait for Me
Wait for Me:
One day I was wayfaring
Down Abbey Road
Fact now I remember,
was just the other night
People started starin'
At every stone I throwed
So I Thought I'd make a killing
Out in the broad daylight
Went up to the bankerman
Said "hey, I need a loan"
[ a small loan of a million dollars]
said "Sorry man, you're broke and down
and now you're all alone"
So I head for the run-down shack
Waitin' for me still
Just another mountain, just another hill
And I said,
"wait for me,
O Brother, wait for me"
"I still got some change in these
Torn up tattered jeans
And I said "wait for me,
O Brother, wait for me"
And every little steppin stone's
a hunk o gold, it seems.
So I cried out
"O Sister, save me from the cold"
"My legs are broke and weary,
my hands are growin' old"
Sister smiled, sickly warm,
And swept me under the rug
But for a soul so tattered and torn
I slept there snug-as-a-bug
I was enjoying royalty
I thought I was all that
But one day I look up and see
That sister's brought
:iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 1 2
Run, Mister Ferryman
Run Mister Ferryman
Run mister ferryman
Run from the storm
Get yourself inside
And get yourself warm
Mama's at the rocker
And Maurie's at the fire
In the cradle, in the crib
Is little Ella-noir
Here come the dark clouds,
Bold and brash
White light strike
And big boom crash
Your daughter's stirring fiercely
Away at the stove
And crying in her arms
Is little baby Jove
Up and down
go the winds and the tide
Bashing up the boats
And battering your pride
"Run, Mr. Ferryman" that's what they say
When the deep dark clouds come rollin' your way
:iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 2 1
The Middle of Madness
Once upon a long time ‘go,
There once lived a child
Her soul was a gypsy
Her spirit was wild
But never a mother
Nor father had she
For her elders, they raised her
Behind walls ne’vr free
Her mam was an outlaw
Her father a clerk
And after their baby,
It never did work
So send off the child
To be sheltered and hid
But her parents never knew
Just what- they did
She was never well-spoken
“Demons!” cried the folk
Made sure she was broken
And so she was broke
Soon shunned and outcasted,
She quickly went mad
And the sickness that lasted
Got worse, worse, and bad
She sat in her corner
And cried as she sang
The people ignored her
Through every pang
And then when they did speak,
Their questions would not cease
Til the demon inside her
She had to release
Her forehead went bloody
Her eyes whites to red
She screamed to the people
What was it she said?
And hell rained upon them
For the girl from the stone
Among fire and devils
She wasn’t alone
And her rage and her hunge
:iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 1 0
The Tale of Ethniu
Long ago, in Old Ireland, before the days of the saints, there was a king. He was a wicked King, and his name was Balor.
Now Balor was a nasty, cruel man. He had an evil eye, with which he could look a man down and strike him dead.
Many have called it "a poisonous, vengeful eye", so heavy that it took four men to lift his eyelid.
Now Balor was the king of the Giants called the Fomorii.
But Balor was so dark-hearted and wicked, that one day a prophecy was made.
It said that Balor would have a grandson who would strike him down and hold a better rule than had ever been seen in the Isle as the High King of Ireland.
But Balor was greedy. He did not want this prophecy to come true, and so he did his most wicked thing yet. He locked away his only daughter- the beautiful, golden-haired Ethniu.
In her tower he gave her twelve handmaidens, but never let her out, that she may never know of the existence of men.
Now in the land of Gobibo the blacksmith there was a cow. She was a beautiful, milky-
:iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 1 0
The Derry Tune
Lyrics by Lizzy Lands
set to The Derry Tune by Kila and Bruno Coulais
from Song of the Sea
When in doubt close your eyes
Look to the skies And look for
creatures of steel,
emotions you never may feel
. . . owls take you
under their wings
fly over and see
all of the beautiful things
Worlds collide
Endless mind
And when the jump seems too far
Look to the stars
And see that someone is near
Someone who knows all your fear
Hands, soft to the touch
Is it too much?
Nevermind, darling I'm here
And so, there's love to go around
And now the waves are rising
                                                     stories summarizing
:iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 1 0
some hamilpain for your hamilday by LizzyBee2003 some hamilpain for your hamilday :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 3 0 VERY VERY ROUGH ANIMATION! by LizzyBee2003 VERY VERY ROUGH ANIMATION! :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 8 5 The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun (traditional) by LizzyBee2003 The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun (traditional) :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 11 10 JEKYLL AND BARD! (GIF!) by LizzyBee2003 JEKYLL AND BARD! (GIF!) :iconlizzybee2003:LizzyBee2003 8 1


Clever Bison (Life of Ry Contest Entry) by SydVC Clever Bison (Life of Ry Contest Entry) :iconsydvc:SydVC 20 6 Color  Defeat by JohnMixTrap
Mature content
Color Defeat :iconjohnmixtrap:JohnMixTrap 1 0
Your mom  unfineshed by JohnMixTrap Your mom unfineshed :iconjohnmixtrap:JohnMixTrap 2 4 [FANART] Binary Bard by Tareloin [FANART] Binary Bard :icontareloin:Tareloin 23 22 Doodle dump: ~FASHION~ by criaha Doodle dump: ~FASHION~ :iconcriaha:criaha 34 21 Precious winged goat by xRibbon-Candyx Precious winged goat :iconxribbon-candyx:xRibbon-Candyx 6 22 Eros (DD x SH) by RemyCygnus1601 Eros (DD x SH) :iconremycygnus1601:RemyCygnus1601 20 2 mordred (FLASHING IMAGE TW) by napstachill mordred (FLASHING IMAGE TW) :iconnapstachill:napstachill 42 13 hellfire by PurpleClaw750 hellfire :iconpurpleclaw750:PurpleClaw750 12 24 *Demon Clarissa fangirling intensifies* by MagicLightning124 *Demon Clarissa fangirling intensifies* :iconmagiclightning124:MagicLightning124 10 5 Being a Bit Crazy by Annkh-Redox Being a Bit Crazy :iconannkh-redox:Annkh-Redox 92 78 Uru's Siblings- Ref Update/Redesign as of 8-7-2017 by albinoraven666fanart Uru's Siblings- Ref Update/Redesign as of 8-7-2017 :iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 256 31 D by napstachill D :iconnapstachill:napstachill 54 8 CSE Page 97 by Nightrizer CSE Page 97 :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 634 69 Jumping from great heights by CraftyPoptropican Jumping from great heights :iconcraftypoptropican:CraftyPoptropican 34 7 Double Meme Challenge by CutieWinterSnow Double Meme Challenge :iconcutiewintersnow:CutieWinterSnow 17 11
I add just about anything and everything I might look at later here.




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Lizzy B. Lands
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I'm Lizzybee. Just call me Liz for now.

Basically I am Ripley from Lumberjanes. I love everyone. And everything. Also I lose my rag at the sight of sparkles, animals, or jamster videos. i am an actual 4-year-old. I am not only bisexual but I am also biLINGUAL as I am learning irish gaelic and I'm obsessed with Selkies, Poptropica and Lumberjanes.

Talk to me whenever you see me on please I love you and please understand how much i love you and want to speak to you because I am :iconcriaha:'s lonely chileed.

I'm pretty well known for being OVERLY friendly, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a note or message! I LOOOOVE chatting and RPing TO BITS!

Have a fantabulous, awesomazingtastic day and talk to me sometime! I'd love to chat!!




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Okay. Finally. I can FINALLY type again.

Sorry Seanachai is coming slow- I'll be trying to work on it, but I lost my soundtrack and storyboard! D: Progress is inching along but with no story to build on I've got nothing to work with. So be patient and the story will be out by, i don't know, 2018. Also plan on doing a voiceover. Don't know if I can continue the comic- I can't draw all that by myself and I've got no money to fund it. So here goes nothin'.

And one more thing- I need your opinion. Should I break the story off onto its own story or keep it Poptropica themed? Because I don't know if a lot of things fit with accepted fanon. . .

So anyway, tell me what you think! Sorry I haven't been as active, I'm terrible with digital art. .  >_>

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